“If you want focus and accountability in your life, hire Dianne Quinton. Magical things will happen.”  Colleen Biondi

Our leadership team came together on numerous occasions to discuss their collective strengths, challenges, opportunities, preferred future and values. This work was facilitated by Dianne and resulted in the creation of behaviour and accountability commitments, with a heightened consciousness and agreement to model the desired culture for the overall team. We have learned to deal honestly with challenges as they emerge, and this has had an impact on our ability to be responsive to issues and learn from our mistakes. We also have a greater appreciation for one another and we now gravitate to solving problems from a collective mindset.

Our work with Dianne has enabled our team to increase our effectiveness in working together and with other parts of the organization. It has assisted us in creative problem solving and building greater levels of trust. Coaching has contributed to the development of emotionally intelligent, coach-like leaders, and this is having a positive, trickle effect throughout the organization. It has also supported the team to build resiliency and strategically thrive through times of change, both internally (i.e. processes, structure, leadership) and externally (i.e. shifting economic climate, recession).

Executive Director

As a consultant and coach, Dianne was highly accountable, professional and flexible toward our needs. Dianne’s training, coaching and leadership skills helped our leadership team truly step up to the challenges of tremendous growth and change. Her facilitation style is organized, thoughtful and inclusive. She motivates training participants to get involved, be personally accountable in their learning and to commit to actions that create positive change both personally and organizationally. Dianne also brought a collaborative spirit and a sense of humour to the coaching team. Her integrity and high level of professionalism are an outstanding example to others.

In summary, I highly recommend Dianne as both a life coach and as a leadership development professional who can offer expertise in all areas of the process from design (including needs assessment) through development, delivery, evaluation and follow-up.

Sr. Coach and Consultant

Dianne has been a gift to me. My whole life has changed since I started working with her. When we first met I was discouraged, frustrated and stressed-out. I wasn’t happy in my job and had a very challenging relationship with my manager. Within a few weeks of working with Dianne I had found resonating and empowering ways to improve this very difficult relationship. This improvement had a positive ripple effect on my entire department. After this initial achievement, I was able to see my future more clearly and made a decision to resign from that organization to pursue my own passion—to work for myself!! Over the next several months, I completed a rigorous certification process with the Coaches Training Institute and have started my own professional practice as a Coach. The work life balance that I use to only dream about is now my reality! I am living a terrific life and honoring my values of flexibility, nurturing time with my daughters, autonomy and impact on others. I feel so connected with what’s really important to me—there’s no bigger gift in life!

Dianne believed in me, supported me and challenged me to step into my own brilliant potential. She was fully present, professional, intuitive and fun-loving. Her spirit is warm and thoughtful. I accomplished in 10 months what it takes most people years—all because I had a coach that kept me focused and believed in me—she held the space for me to become who I was meant to be. I am confident, fulfilled and excited about my life!

Jac McNeil
Coach and Thought Partner

Dianne is exceptional at what she does. She works together with stakeholders to ensure objectives meet expectations both of the organization and the participants. Her teaching style is both collaborative and interactive and she ensures all participants gain what they need from the sessions she teaches. Dianne is skilled at recognizing and understanding how best to work with her coachees. She is respectful, professional and yet comfortable in taking people where they need to go to work through issues. Dianne is a Masterful coach and truly loves what she does. I would not hesitate to recommend Dianne.


Engaging in coaching with Dianne is one of the best investments I’ve ever made. The benefits and impact have been wide-ranging: from a heightened, clear awareness of my values and goals, to consciously and intentionally creating the work and life that are truly my passions.

Dianne is supportive and encouraging, and continually challenges one to raise the bar for what’s possible. I have stepped outside of my comfort zone to take action in so many different ways, and each time the result has been powerful and overwhelmingly positive! I have grown in my profession, have asked for – and received – new and meaningful work responsibilities, and have built a successful coaching practice where I’m able to choose the work that I genuinely want to do. Before working with Dianne I never could’ve imagined such a rewarding, soul-filled path.

Sometimes we go through life defaulting to what we think is expected of us, and getting trapped in a rat race that doesn’t at all align with our values and our hearts. I recommend Dianne to anyone who is ready and committed to explore the next level and uncover the life they really, really want.

Kara Exner, CPCC
Nine Lions Coaching

At the time I started working with Dianne, I had some very specific personal and professional goals that I wanted to achieve, but I was not certain why I did not feel as though I could proceed in attaining them.

Dianne, through her brilliant listening and investigating abilities, was able to facilitate my discovery as to what was preventing me from getting started. This process permitted me the opportunity to make the changes I needed to make to take action and also provided me with a framework that I now use to challenge myself as I move into the space of working towards the life I want to create. My experience with Dianne was truly remarkable. I feel without her assistance, I could not have made such incredible progress in such a short period of time.

Debbie K.
Director and Entrepreneur

Dianne is an excellent coach. She really helped me to move forward much more quickly than I would have on my own, encouraging me to commit to my progress at each session. A very perceptive and good listener, Dianne really knew how to get to the heart of an issue and help me think it through. I appreciated her flexibility in changing gears from career goals to personal issues according to my needs.

One of the best gifts Dianne gave me was helping me to organize my mornings: they are blissful now. She also encouraged me to set high goals for my business. Thank you, Dianne, for encouraging me to dream big.

Working with Dianne was a great experience. I happily recommend her to anyone who wants support to really move to the next level in their personal growth.

P. Christie

I started with a few chosen goals. I continually noted and followed the progress I was making and shared this with Dianne. This exercise helped me to understand the challenges that I was facing and the opportunities available to me. Soon, these goals became an integral part of my life. I learned about self acknowledgement and started celebrating my accomplishments and commitments that I had made to myself. I now understand how such progress can happen in a very short time and have chosen the method of journaling to help continue with my personal growth.

My favorite piece of coaching was when Dianne would challenge me with powerful questions. I have learned so much about myself, including my internal strength and power and what I am equipped to do for myself and for others. I have learned how I want to be as a coach/mentor, how I want to be in partnerships, and how I would handle certain situations.

With the encouragement, guidance and support of Dianne, coaching has made a tremendous difference in my work life and my home life. It has been a challenging and rewarding adventure. It has helped me to be more aware of my life and wanting a more enriched life. Dianne shared a saying with me, that I will always remember, “My awareness to make an informed decision”.

Thank you, Dianne, for the opportunity and helping me commit to myself and my future.


Kelly S.