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If you're a leader looking for a better way for you and your team, I'm ready to support, guide, and challenge you to achieve the growth you seek.

Better Leadership. Better Results.

The Optimal You helps individuals and teams become more emotionally intelligent and coach-like in their interactions. Clients tell me their growth in these areas has led to healthier relationships, higher levels of personal and professional satisfaction, greater productivity, increased success in implementing change, a positive shift in culture and more effective and respected leadership. If you're ready to experience these kinds of results, reach out to me to find out how we can work together - I'd love to hear from you!

Areas of Expertise

Behavioural Change and Culture Shift

Psychological Safety and Trust

Relationship Building and Improvement

Values Identification and Alignment

Emotional Intelligence

Dianne Quinton

Meet Dianne

You might be familiar with what leadership coaches do.

I'm a little different. Like all great coaches, I'm a listener, a partner, a collaborator, and a champion for what you're seeking.

Where I differ is how we'll work together. 

My goal is to help you uncover your unique characteristics, experiences, desires, and needs to start seeing YOU for who you are at your core, make decisions that get you where you want to be, and live your life with intention.

I invite you to explore my services and the rest of my website, and when you're ready, book a consultation to learn more about how I can help you achieve your optimal state of leadership well-being and effectiveness.

Zen Stones

Book a consultation and start your journey towards becoming

The Optimal You

C.H., Executive Director

Our work with Dianne has enabled our team to increase our effectiveness in working together and with other parts of the organization. Dianne facilitated the creation of behaviour and accountability commitments, and an agreement on modeling our desired culture. This has assisted us in creative problem solving and building greater levels of trust. 

We have learned to deal honestly with challenges as they emerge, enabling us to be more responsive to issues and learn from our mistakes. Dianne’s coaching and facilitation has supported our team to build resiliency and strategically thrive through times of internal and external change. We have a greater appreciation for one another and we now gravitate to solving problems from a collective mindset.

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