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Align Your Intention and Impact

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”

- Carl Jung

Raising our individual and collective consciousness is critical for success, especially when it comes to culture and how we interact. So much of what we do, personally and professionally, is relationship oriented. We may mean well in our interactions, but our intentions and impact don’t always line up.


Understanding ourselves – our strengths, gaps, passions, triggers, hopes, fears, values, beliefs – is essential to being able to effectively understand, work with and lead others.

Become the Leader You Want to Be

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Understand who you are and what influences how you show up. We'll uncover and explore this through whole body intelligence - head, heart and gut.

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Use your new consciousness to make decisions that support where you want to go.

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Learn to regularly pause, reflect, check in with yourself, and take action that serves your greater purpose and plan.



The Optimal You specializes in working with clients and crafting customized solutions for their unique challenges and needs. When called for, we partner with trusted colleagues from our extensive network of professionals to deliver the absolute best solution possible.


Coaching is a collaborative partnership between a qualified coach and an individual or team aimed at achieving exceptional results based on set goals. A coach serves as a strategic thought partner, offering support, clarity, and accountability without bias or judgment. The Optimal You draws on various tools and assessments to help clients gain insights into their preferences, strengths, and areas for development. The coaching process focuses on developing skills and actions necessary for achieving desired outcomes.


Engaging in coaching can lead to fresh perspectives, improved decision-making, enhanced interpersonal effectiveness, and increased confidence in various life and work roles. The duration and design of coaching relationships vary, typically lasting 8-12 months, with a recommended minimum engagement of 6 months to allow for habit formation and lasting change. Clients committed to the process can expect to see meaningful improvements in productivity and personal satisfaction with life and work.


The Optimal You specializes in individual and team development through facilitation. Professional facilitation offers numerous advantages, such as enabling active participation, fostering a safe environment for idea exchange, managing conflicts impartially, and guiding decision-making processes. Our services range from designing tailored initiatives to facilitating existing workshops, of various durations depending on our clients' needs and resources.


Clients may opt for follow-up coaching to reinforce newly acquired skills. The Optimal You employs diverse tools and assessments to meet specific needs. Customized initiatives have included Understanding Self and Others, Building Coaching Capability, Building Trust, Psychological Safety and Change, Developing Effective Leaders, Enhancing Communications, and Managing and Leading Through Change.

We'd love to hear about your specific challenges and needs, and develop and facilitate a session or program that delivers tangible improvements based on your unique circumstances and culture.


We use world-renowned assessments to support our client partnerships. We also work with in-house client assessment tools should you have a custom one.

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Intentional and Purposeful Leadership Series


Wherever you are, I'll support you

Maybe you know something needs to change, but aren't sure what or how to start. It could be work related or personal. You have a longing for something new, something different, or a nagging feeling that something is missing from your life. 

Maybe you know what you want, you're just not sure how to get there. You want to intentionally manage your growth and success in a way that continues to align with your values; you want to stay grounded and true to you.

Maybe you're wondering, "What's next for me?" You're looking ahead to the next stage and wondering about retirement. You know things will be different than they are today and you want to plan for a future that's fulfilling and meaningful.

In the hands of a skilled coach, lives evolve, ambitions materialize, and the extraordinary becomes attainable.
Kelly S.
My favorite piece of coaching was when Dianne would challenge me with powerful questions. I have learned so much about myself, including my internal strength and power and what I am equipped to do for myself and for others. I have learned how I want to be as a coach/mentor, how I want to be in partnerships, and how I would handle certain situations. With the encouragement, guidance and support of Dianne, coaching has made a tremendous difference in my work life and my home life. It has been a challenging and rewarding adventure.
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